Blog 44-2

Teaser: Step by Step! Part by part! Our new bike, the Yamaha MT-03 Scram!

Our answer to the Ducati scrambler with all its good for nothing electronics…
A tribute to its offroad heritage! (The MT-03 comes with a XT
660 engine, the earlier XT 500 is Yamaha’s most famous offroad machine)

This bike will be for sale later this year. If you like it, love it, let us know! STAY TUNED!


Blog 44-1


blog-43Have you heard about Republic Moto, Rotterdam?
They are opening in 2017. A restaurant, high-end store
with an old acquaintance of ours on display and for sale

The DEUS Bali bike we completely rebuilt some time ago.

This week we had the honor to visit Republic Moto Rotterdam before they officially open in early 2017.
What a great concept..We where blown away!

The Metal STONE Guzzi of Bike EXIF

blog-41“We love scramblers for their laid-back, go-anywhere attitude. But the travelers in us get really excited when they’re kitted for long-distance adventures too.
This Moto Guzzi California has just tackled a 3,000 kilometer trip, from Utrecht in the Netherlands, to Monaco, via France and Switzerland.”

Please click HERE for the full story.


Blog 40

Roy Holtman is the owner and builder of bespoke custom motorcycles at RH MOTORCYCLES, a motorcycles atelier situated in the Netherlands.

With an education in art and design, and a life long love and passion for the two wheeled machines, these bikes are built with an eye for detail and technical support for the true venturer.

All work is done in shop, and by a network of specialists.

You can find more information about how-and-what on your bike in the “YOUR BIKE?” page.