Visualizer and creator of bespoke motorcycles! Design and realization by Roy Holtman: Specializing in handbuilt, custom concept motorcycles.

Built in Arnhem, the Netherlands


RH MOTORCYCLES, passionate about designing and creating bespoke unique motorcycles.
The design and realisation of these full custom concept motorcycles are mainly done in-house, and by a small network of specialists. These works of art are commissioned by clients or realized for the fun of it.
We specialize in scrambler, tracker, and caferacer bespoke motorcycles!

The signature “ARE AGE” brand logo is a self-deprecating reference to the Dutch accent when pronouncing the initials of his name.

This brand logo has its origin in the teen years of its founder, conceived over a couple of beers for a small skateboard brand.

RH MOTORCYCLES: Roy Holtman Roy Holtmanphoto: Sven Scholten


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